Elect Wendy Farrow-Reed
for Regional Council Wards 3 & 4

Elect Wendy Farrow-Reed
for Regional Council Wards 3 & 4

Your Interests, My Passion, Our Region

Why I am ready to represent you as Regional Councillor.

One of the hallmarks of our municipality and region is the stability and civility manifested in the halls of government and in mutual respect with the citizenry. I will nurture that culture in every act I do and every role I have the privilege to play.

Wendy Farrow-Reed

What is the role of a Regional Councillor?

As the Municipal Councillor for Ward 3 for the last four years, I’ve had four main roles to play in our municipality:

  • I am a representative  of the people and our community
  • I am a policy maker to draft laws
  • I am a steward to ensure that the municipality’s financial and administrative resources are being used as efficiently as possible.
  • I am a voice for those I represent

I thrived in my role as your Ward 3 Councillor representing you at our local Council meetings.  I have influenced many decisions brought to Council’s attention concerning by-law enforcement, land use (new developments) and fire services –  to name a few.

As your new Regional Councillor for Ward 3 and 4, I will continue to do what I did as a local Councillor, with the added responsibility of being ready to influence regionally controlled services such as regional roads, regional land use, sanitary sewage treatment, social services  (e.g., seniors’ services, long term care facilities).

I will commit to my full participation in both of the monthly Council meetings and committee meetings in between.

"Wendy Farrow Reed is the candidate for Halton Regional Council for Wards 3 and 4 which encompasses all of Georgetown. This is a full-time job and in the next term of Council the decisions made will affect this community for the next twenty years. Growth is coming as mandated by the Province of Ontario and we need a strong voice at the Region (Halton Hills only has three votes at the table).
I have known Wendy for 20 years and I always wonder where she gets the energy from. She has always worked two jobs and volunteers countless hours to many worthwhile causes. When she was manager of the Georgetown BIA, I had the pleasure of working with her on the branding and marketing plan.
Wendy, in her first term watched, learned, listened and brought a fresh perspective to Halton Hills Council. It is a natural progression to move to the Region to represent our concerns in the larger forum.
It is important to vote in municipal elections as this level of government has more impact on our daily lives than either the provincial and federal government."

What distinguishes me as your future Regional Councillor?

Five Things I feel strongly about

  1. I care about and contribute to the issues we as a municipality can influence both locally and regionally.
  2. I champion causes and organizations that directly support and keep services in our community.
  3. I believe in housing, programs and activities for all. An all-inclusive community does more than support persons with disabilities and is a place where everyone belongs.
  4. I believe in responsible growth and intensification that aligns with the services to support the growth.
  5. Active Living. I am passionate about health and wellbeing enabled by local parks, services, organizations and community connections.

I offer a clear and sustainable voice for Wards 3 & 4 at your Regional Council

"I worked closely with Wendy in her former role as BIA Manager for Downtown Georgetown. She listens and knows how to find a consensus that produces results."

Here’s how you can help me bring this home.

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